Smallville Nursery

Admissions Policy



Revised September 2022


It is our intention to make our nursery accessible to all children and families in our local community. We are committed to being as inclusive as possible in regard to our admissions for our nursery. We also strive to be a provider of funded childcare without it impacting the quality of our provisions. This policy outlines our approach to nursery admissions, our admissions criteria, and our plans for offering funded childcare in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

Legal Framework

This policy relates to sections 3.28 and 3.57 of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


To ensure that Smallville Nursery is accessible to all sections of the community, through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures. To promote smooth and stress-free transitions to the setting, ensuring both children and parents/carers are happy. We care for children between the ages of 2 and four years of age and the numbers and ages of children admitted to the nursery comply with the legal space requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). When considering admissions, we are mindful of staff: child ratios and the facilities available at the nursery. We are registered with Ofsted to provide up to 26 places at any one time. We do not require children to be toilet trained on admission.


Smallville Nursery aims to ensure its services are accessible to all sections of the community as per the Equal Opportunities Policy. The setting will attempt to communicate its services in locations throughout the community, in more than one language as appropriate.

The nursery thrives to provide resources, facilities and expertise locally to meet the needs of people in the surrounding area.

The nursery advertises through the Childcare Information Service, the local school and places accessible to the community.

Our nursery welcomes both fathers and mothers, other relations and carers, including childminders.

We describe our nursery and its practices in terms of how it treats individuals, regardless of their gender, special educational needs, disabilities, background, religion, ethnicity or competence in Spoken English.

Our manager takes responsibility for meeting with new families ensuring they have the correct literature regarding the nursery and collating information, including a waiting list.

Offering Places

Smallville Nursery the following priority for admissions has been agreed:

1. Birth Order


2. On a first come first serve basis.

3. Waiting list children will be given a place before existing additional places


Places will always be confirmed by a member of staff by telephone.

Government funding for early education can be used for hours within specific sessions and the additional paid-for hours will be charged at the amount required. Funding is allocated for 3 of a 4 hour session or 4 of a 5 hour session, with the final hour chargeable. See Prices and Schedules page of website for most up to date prices. (Prices are always subject to regular review and change).

Funded sessions may be available for three and four-year olds, subject to eligibility and the availability of sessions and staffing arrangements. 

All funded sessions are now in line with the flexible arrangement as specified by the Government. When you register your child for their funded place, we will discuss your needs and, as far as possible with availability and staffing arrangements, we will accommodate your wishes.

Prior to a child attending nursery, parents must complete and sign a contract and registration form. These forms provide the nursery with personal details relating to the child. For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, collection arrangements, fees and sessions, contact details for parents, doctor’s contact details, health visitor contact details, allergies, parental consent and vaccinations etc.

Settling in

Once a place has been offered each child is assigned an Early Years Practitioner as a key person. The manager will take responsibility for contacting families and arranging appropriate settling in sessions A meeting will be arranged to discuss your child’s interests and gather more information about your child to help settled your child. You will then be asked to attend a stay and play session so your child can explore the nursery but have the reassurance of their parent being with them. IF your child is happy they can then begin nursery, if they require a longer settling in period this can be arranged. The important part is the child’s wellbeing.

The settling process is viewed as an essential part of ensuring children have a positive time at nursery and we will be flexible in extending this period and offering families additional support

Early Years Education Funding (EYEF)

Smallville Nursery are in receipt of EYEF for 3- and 4-year olds. All 3- and 4-year olds are entitled to the Universal 15 funded hours during term time, this is available from the term following your child’s third birthday. We only offer a very limited number of Free For Two spaces in exceptional circumstances, at the managers discretion. Guidance on how to access this support can be given by the setting manager on request.


To access this funding, you need to complete a EYEF form and show your child’s birth certificate to the setting manager.

30 Hour Funded / Stretched Offer Agreement:

Smallville nursery is open 50 weeks of the year. Funding is stretched over 48 weeks of the year which equates to 12 or 24 funding hours a week.

Each child’s maximum free entitlement for both the ‘Universal’ and the ‘Extended’ offer will be the same, 570 hours per year.

You can take up to 1140 hours free funded childcare across the 48 weeks, within core sessions (8am-4pm) .


Fees and session times

We accept children from 2 years old to 5 years old.

Up to 30 funded hours available stretched over 48 weeks. Which equates to 12/ 24 hours a week funding. Universal and extended funding is available a term after a child turns 3.


Session Times & Fees
These vary for each setting so please check the website and Parent Pack for more details


Funded Placements

- Parents can check their eligibility via

- Eligible parents will be given an 11 digit code by HMRC which will normally be valid for 3 months.

- Funding can only be accessed from the term following their eligibility e.g. if a parent checks and is eligible in September, they will not be able to take the funding up until January so parents need to apply the term before they want to access childcare.

- No funding is available for parents who do not renew their eligibility and invoices will be raised for sessions committed to under this contract.

- Parents/Carers will be required to email the 11 digit eligibility code each term before their valid period draws to a close for the next term eligibility.

- We also require Parents NI numbers. You must email these to If the 11 digit code is not received in time or we are unable to confirm the funding is available Parents /Carers remain under this contract and will receive an invoice.


*We have capacity for a very limited amount of Free For 2 spaces available at the managers discretion. Please speak to nursery manager to discuss availability of these spaces.

Nursery Fees: Fees are invoiced on the 1st day of each month and are due to be paid 10 days after.

The initial payment of fees will be determined by the child’s commencement date with us and will include all sessions booked from that date, up to, and including the remainder of that particular month.

Breakfast and snacks are included in the prices for sessions however, nappies are to be provided by the child’s parent or carer.

Payment may be made by BACS and card payments.

Returned payments from the bank may incur an administration charge equal to any charges the nursery may be charged by the bank

Please Note: On commencement of a child attending the nursery, the nursery fees shall be made in full and any voucher payments made will be deducted from subsequent months.

The nursery reserves the right to review the fees. In the event of there being changes to the fees one calendar month’s written notice shall be given.

A refund will not be given where a child is absent from the nursery due to sickness or holiday.

If fees remain outstanding for more than 5 days:

The nursery reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of 10% on any outstanding balance The nursery may serve 14 days notice in writing to terminate the contract. Upon termination of this contract the child shall cease forthwith to be admitted to the nursery and the nursery’s notice to terminate shall be regarded as a formal demand for all outstanding monies. Your child will only be able to attend their Free Funded Hours. 

Types of Sessions & Conditions of Booking: The session types available are set sessions. Further details of these, accompanied by the Fees Schedule, can be obtained from the nursery or viewed online.

Set sessions are permanently booked recurring sessions or days requiring one full calendar month’s notice in writing should this be necessary to change.

Extra Sessions/Hours: We are happy to offer extra sessions and hours if they are available:

Please try to give as much notice as possible if you require extra sessions so that we can organise staff and food for your child.

Extra sessions booked but not taken are not refundable or transferable unless agreed by the nursery Manager due to exceptional circumstances.

Cancellation/Termination of Contract: After the child’s initial admission to the nursery either party may terminate this contract by giving one calendar month’s notice in writing. This period is subject to the termination not being due to non payment of fees as outlined above. During that said one month period the nursery undertakes to continue to admit the child and the parent/carer undertakes to pay for all fees due. In the event of the parent/carer failing to pay the month’s fees the child’s place shall be immediately withdrawn and the nursery shall be entitled to serve a formal demand for payment of such monies.

In the event of the parent or carer giving notice of withdrawal of the child and immediately withdrawing the said child there shall be due to the nursery one calendar month’s fees in lieu of notice. Failure by the parent/carer to provide one calendar month’s notice or any notice at all shall render the parent/carer liable to the nursery for one month’s fees. One month’s notice must also be given if sessions are requested to be reduced.

Notice must be made in writing to the nursery manager.

Sibling Discount: Where there is more than one child from the same family attending the nursery on a full time basis a discount of 5% will be applied to the fees.

Late Collection Policy: The nursery reserves the right to charge parent or carers when they do not collect their child at the agreed time, a charge at the rate of £7.50 for the first 15min then £15 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Notification of Absence/Lateness: –The parent/carer is expected to notify the nursery if their child is going to be late or absent from the nursery.

Unforeseen Closure: – In the event of closure of the nursery due to extreme weather conditions, flooding, loss of utility supplies, heating failure, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the


nursery, the nursery will close and the parent/carer accepts that no refund of fees will be made due to continued operational costs.

Sickness or Emergency Treatment: – Children must not attend the nursery when they are unwell or suffering from a contagious illness or infection. In the event of a child becoming ill whilst at the nursery, the parent or nominated carer will be contacted to arrange to take their child home.

In the case of an infectious condition the recommended exclusion time must elapse before the child can be readmitted to the nursery (the nursery can advise on this).

In the case of an emergency nursery staff will call health professionals. A senior member of staff will accompany the child to the hospital until the child’s parent/carer arrives. The nursery will continue to make contact with their parent/carer if they had not been able to reach them immediately.

Complaints Procedure: The nursery complies with a laid down complaints procedure, a copy of this is held in the nursery.

Safeguarding Children Policy: The Nursery follows the Child Protection Guidelines that are set out by local authorities.

Loss or Damage The nursery does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of property on its premises.


Nursery Policies and Procedures: All nursery policies and procedures can be viewed online or they are available at the nursery. It is the responsibility of the parent to read these and familiarise yourself with all policies and procedures. If you require clarification on any policies and procedures then please speak to the management team. The policies will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

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