Stuart Bruce Jones

Managing Director , First Aider

As Owner and Director Stuart has overall responsibility for the development and management of Smallville. Stuart plays an active part in the day to day operations of Small like and to ensure

Natasha Bruce Jones

Occupational Therapist

Natasha is a Private Occupational Therapist that offers support to the children in our setting. Natasha is nurturing towards the children and offers comfort to children when they need. Natasha also creates our lunch menu and ensures we are providing healthy and nutritional meals. Natasha is currently completing her level 2 apprenticeship in childcare to further her knowledge of child development.

Kelly Hall

Nursery Manager, DSL, SENco, First Aider

Kelly is a qualified teacher and helped create the setting you see today. Kelly has a passion for Early Years and believes children learn best through play.

Victoria East

Deputy Nursery Manager, DSL, PANco, First Aider

Victoria is currently completing her level 5 apprenticeship in Early Years Lead. Victoria has worked in Early Years for many years and teaches children in the moment to ensure all children reach the full potential.

Chelsea Barton

Room Leader, First Aider

Chelsea is a level 3 practitioner and has worked in Early Years for many years. Chelsea is very nurturing and understands the importance of supporting a child’s well-being.

Ellie – May Martin

Practitioner, First Aider

Ellie is a level 3 practitioner and has worked in Early Years for several years. Ellie loves joining in with messy play and hunting for bugs with the children.

Layla Towner


Layla is a level 3 apprentice. Layla has a background in health care and this is reflected in how she meets the care needs of the children